I invite everyone to the Week of Design and Interior in Moscow

I invite all art lovers to the Moscow Interior and Design Week, which will be held at VDNKh from 6 to 9 May.

Here you can be inspired by the ideas of modern design for an apartment and a summer cottage.

Well, of course, I am interested in everything related to light and shadow. Therefore, on May 7 at 14.00 I am waiting for everyone at the case session “Illuminating the main thing: how to work with light in a modern interior”. And here I will say a few words on how to use my light paintings in modern interiors. We will discuss with you what light is, what functions it performs, what semantic load it carries and how it is perceived in different situations. And why think over the concept of lighting when the wallpaper is pasted, the furniture is arranged, and it remains only to hang some kind of chandelier – it’s too late.

The case session will be devoted to the unique ideology of lighting design.