The online gallery is waiting for visitors!

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I have prepared short instructions for you:

The gallery should load at first visit. If you’ll see such a greeting, you should wait. At this moment the gallery is opening just for you! A couple of minutes and the doors will open!

When all the pictures are hung, the lighting is connected and the floors are washed, you will be invited to come in:

Click “Join Room” – and voila – you are almost my guest!

As you enter, you will be asked to choose who you want to be today – a cute squirrel, an astronaut who has flown away, or an iron man. Well, you can also choose a name for yourself, or remain Beautiful Stranger:

We accept changes – Accept

In our gallery you can talk and discuss what you see with other visitors. To do this, set up your microphone and check the sound level:

To walk through the gallery you will need a keyboard. If you’ve played computer action games at least once, you can handle it. And if not, then in this case the navigation is quite simple:


                                                                               Enjoy watching!
                                                                        ONLINE GALLERY